“Do What Jesus Did” by Robby Dawkins

Book Cover Do What Jesus DidWow! The Book of Acts Comes Alive Today!! 

This is the true story of Pastor Robby Dawkins. Robby takes us on a tour of his life. He relates how he felt impressed by God to start a church in a very poor, urban area full of gang activity, drug use and prostitution. So he took his family to a place like that in Aurora, Illinois, and started a church. This is a fascinating account of what life has been like for Robby.

Pastor Dawkins writes passionately about leading people to become followers of Christ–many who were formerly drug lords and prostitutes. As he has done that, he has witnessed amazing miracles of all sorts take place. He also tells of the many death threats he has received, including ones where he has had to face off with gang members who have threatened to kill him at the church service on Sunday morning.

Robby writes about a former head of a large college atheist group who became a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. The man’s entire life changed course. As a result, many of the man’s atheists followers also changed their convictions, and believed in Jesus Christ as well. The pastor talks about praying blessings for strangers on the street that have resulted in them becoming followers of Christ, and turned their lives in totally new directions.

The pastor tells of the highest highs, while simultaneously experiencing the lowest lows. For instance, great miracles of all sorts can take place in his church, while at the same time, the church’s roof leaks, and there isn’t money to fix it. He relates there are people who have experienced great miracles who have later turned their backs on God and Robby.

We hear the story of Johnny who was in the midst of committing suicide, when a phone call stopped him. The call was from a former strip dancer who had recently become a Christian. She wanted Johnny to come with her to a group of Christians getting together that night. Johnny, a drug dealer, and a satanist with 666 tattooed on his forehead, decided to go with her. That night, Johnny’s entire life changed course when he became a follower of Christ. In the next couple of years, he went on to bring many others to Christ before Johnny’s life was tragically and mysteriously brought to an abrupt end.

At the same time, Robby wants us to know he is a human like anybody else with earthly responsibilities to tend to. He has a wife and six children to support. The pastor speaks of the everyday realities of the church having problems paying their bills, and that he has taken an extra job laying carpet to support his family.

One of his children, Canah, developed autism. The doctors told them it was the very lowest functioning kind, that Canah would never talk or perform normally–they would have to take care of him, and all his needs, for the rest of his life.

Although Robby has prayed for the complete healing of his son, that hasn’t happened. However, parts of healing have taken place over the years. Miraculously, Canah starting speaking. Over time, he has moved up from the lowest functioning autism preschool to being able to function in regular school. Canah can walk and has made great strides, far exceeding the doctor’s prognosis. Ongoing wonders continue in his life.

Robby talks about the cancer his mother had, and relates that his entire family was praying in her hospital room for her healing. In between prayers, the family was singing hymns. In the room next door, a woman named Violet was dying.

Violet’s sister came over and asked if they would sing for Violet. Robby and some of his family went over to her room. While Robby was with Violet he felt impressed by the Lord to say that she would be completely healed. And this healing took place even though this woman and her sister were not Christians. Robby’s mom, a devoted Christian, with many people praying for her, did not recover. Robby honestly admits that was a hard situation. Yet he rejoices that Violet and her sister both became followers of Christ as a result.

Robby comments that healing doesn’t take place every time. But he also believes it is more important to follow the leading of God, and pray for a person. If Robby feels impressed by God to state that healing will come to someone, Robby says it. He concludes it is more important to keep the faith and follow God’s leading, even if healing doesn’t take place, and Robby looks foolish. We must be willing to live by faith.

This is an amazing book. Even more astonishing, Robby states that every Christian can do the things he has experienced. I thought this was a great book full of hope and challenges. I highly recommend “Do What Jesus Did,” and give it five stars.

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through Chosen Books for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner. Despite my receiving the book free, it has not influenced my judgment, and I have given an honest opinion.


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