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The other night I had the pleasure of watching an advance release of the movie, the Gospel of John, which became available on Netflix starting December 1, 2014.  This movie  has three different options to choose from:  King James, New International Version (NIV) or Spanish.  I watched the NIV version.  The Lumo Project produced this movie, and they plan on producing the other three gospels as well.

This movie really blew me away. 

Gospel of John Jesus in CrowdThe complete book of John, from the Bible, is depicted in this film.  Please do not assume this is a dull, boring flick.  Just the opposite.  When watching this film, I was pulled into the story right from the beginning.  Even though this entire work is narrated, it is so well done that one forgets the actors are not speaking.  This production is mesmerizing and exciting.  The highly skilled performers give such an impressive presentation, even without speaking a single word of dialog, that this is truly a powerful experience, and should not be missed.

Get it.  See it.  Don’t miss it.

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Although this is a portrayal of the entire book of the Bible, it amazingly seemed to last no longer than a few minutes.  The movie follows the Biblical text pretty much word for word. The combination of the narrator’s words, along with the visual presentation, makes the text come alive in a really impressive way, much more so than when it is read.   In a world heavily influenced by media, this film fits right in, and is very relational for today’s society and young people.

Gospel of John Jesus at NightI highly recommend anyone who has Netflix should take advantage of their opportunity to view this.  Never fear if you don’t see if on Netflix, use the search button, and it can be found that way.  Then get ready to change how you view the Bible.

Many thanks to Flyby Promotions for giving me the opportunity to have this preview.

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