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A Hidden Gem

Our entire family loves Tao Tao, and we have been eating food from here for years.  Even after moving to the suburbs long ago, we still trek back to downtown Kansas City, KS, to get some of Chef Annie’s wonderful food. Tao Tao Homemade Handmade Egg Rolls - Copy

The appetizers are delicious, affordable, and so much better than anyplace else.  Her egg rolls are homemade, and the best in town.  Also try the Crab Rangoons, Puff Chicken, and the Egg Drop Soup.  The “crispies” Chef Annie includes with the soup are wonderful.

Recently, they have added two new types of Rangoons, dessert or savory.  We have tried and recommend the following dessert flavors: Strawberry Cheesecake, Peach Cobbler and Apple Pie.  We also love the savory Tao Tao Strawberry Rangoons - CopyBuffalo Chicken Rangoons, too.  These sell out quickly, and the flavors vary daily.

Tao Tao, which means really busy, is a family owned and run restaurant that has been here for decades.  They make everything fresh to order.  We have a long list that covers some of our favorite entries:  Fried Rice, Garlic Beef, General Tao’s Chicken, Lo Mein, Sesame Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, and  Szechuan Beef.  For soda pop drinkers, she has the widest selection of flavors we have ever seen, all served in chilled cans.

Everything is served in “to go” styrofoam containers, although there is a little dining area.  Expect to get really large portions for a small amount of money.  They are not open on Sundays, but are open all the rest of the week.  Ask about their lunch specials.  Their hours are 11 am until 11 pm six days a week.  We usually call our orders in before leaving home, and they are ready for pick up when we get there.  Tao Tao Outside - Copy

Our entire family is happy when we get food here.  Make yourself happy, too, and try it–you will not be disappointed.  Tao Tao gets five big stars from us.

Tao Tao is located at:  1300 Minnesota Avenue; Kansas City, Kansas 66102,
and their phone number 913-342-1331.

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