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Raising the Flock

Can a TV personality actually have anything significant to say about child rearing?  Actually, Korie Robertson can.  She has many insightful things to say from her experience raising her five children.Stong and Kind, Be Kind

As a young mother, Korie was in a Bible study that asked what two character traits she would want to see in her children.  Her answer was strong and kind.  Those aren’t the only two qualities she wanted her family to possess, just the two traits she thought would serve her children well in this sometimes hard and unkind world.

Talk the talk, AND walk the talk.

Korie is quick to point out that the Bible is the primary source both she, and husband Willie, turn to for guidance with their family.  In fact, the Bible is what they look to for every aspect in their lives.  This couple strives to make sure they themselves demonstrate the same traits they are trying to instill in their children.  There is no better example of their importance than for the children to see their parents living out those qualities, especially when it is hard to do.

The author states that both parents must present a united front when training and disciplining their family.  That doesn’t mean they don’t ever disagree with each other, but they save those discussions for times when it is just the two of them.

Ever try putting a square peg in a round hole?

Strong and Kind PatientThe Robertson’s emphasize that God made each of us with different personalities.  When He entrusts a child to our care, it will be easier for all concerned to work with the style God gave that individual, instead of pushing against it.  This doesn’t mean a child gets a “pass” on learning certain traits, or behaviors.  The expectation is still there, just the way of learning may need to be adjusted for each family member.

Don’t be surprised if a technique that worked wonderfully on one or more of your children, fails miserably with another child.  One family member may respond better to a gentle touch, another responds well to a very regimented approach, and so on.  Know your child, their strong points, as well as, weak ones, and that information will help you plan the best way to teach them.  Parents need to be prepared to discover their child’s personality may be nothing like theirs.  Korie also found child rearing works best when it is geared towards the positive, and not the negative–so accentuate the positive.

Keep your ducks in a row!

Korie found that being flexible in her parenting style, and being willing to switch to a Strong and Kind Joyfuldifferent method when something isn’t working, stood her in good stead many timesShe gave examples about her own children that demonstrate this.  Most of all, make sure your child feels loved by both their parents.  This will go a long way towards making a child feel secure.  So will the knowledge that their parents love each other.

Strong and Kind has lots of great information.  It is not just a “fluffy” book written by a well-known personality.  The ideas the couple used for raising their children make a lot of sense.  I especially like that the family makes the Bible the center of all they do.  Willie added his input in some of the chapters, so it was interesting to hear his take on the different aspects of child training.  I also enjoyed the different stories Korie included about her children, along with contributions from Chrys Howard, Korie’s mom.  The information in this 5-star book is down-to-earth, and very helpful.  I highly recommend it to anyone with children.

Strong & Kind Robertson Anniversart

Korie is the wife of Willie Robertson, well-known CEO of Duck Commander.  The couple both appear in their family’s hit reality show, Duck Dynasty.

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