“A Fool & His Monet” by Sandra Orchard

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Be Sure Your Lies will Find You Out!

Serena Jones, youngest investigator of the FBI Art Crime Team, has danger all around FBI ART CRIME TEAM CARTOON FREE USEher.  She has just finished her first undercover job, and is jumpy and afraid the bad guys will discover her true identity.  If so, they will be coming after her.

After arriving back home in St. Louis, a bunch of unexplained “accidents” have started occurring.  She becomes even more concerned when she discovers her former field trainer, Tanner, is staking out her apartment as if he expects trouble.   Normally unflappable, he has seemed nervous, and won’t divulge what he is worried about.  Her handsome apartment manager, Nate, also starts taking an active interest in her safety.

Searching with Flashlight - CopyDespite all those distractions, Serena tries to recover two missing pictures, one of them a Monet, from her friend’s art gallery.  There are lots of suspects, which keeps the story very interesting. This tale takes the reader on a wild, fast-paced ride as Serena attempts to weed through all the possible art thieves.  Along the way, she faces danger, humor, and some ardent male admirers.  Serena also has to fend off her Aunt Martha’s determined attempts to “help” her with the case.

Serena is  a very likeable character, with an interesting mystery to solve.  The guilty party is not readily apparent.  Serena is also close to her family, and joined the FBI with the hope of solving her grandfather’s murder.  Reading this book was very entertaining, and I had a good time attempting to figure out who did it.  I also liked the title’s play on words, and hope to see more mysteries with Serena Jones.  This 5-star book is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a family-friendly mystery, or well-written fiction. Home Sweet Home two Free Use - Copy

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