“The Hearts We Mend” by Kathryn Springer

Book Cover The Hearts We Mend

If You Like-a-Me and I Like-a-You….

A widow since she was twenty-five, Evie is still wearing her wedding ring thirteen years Wedding Ring on Hand Free Use - Copylater.  Her husband, Max, a firefighter, died a hero’s death in the line of duty.  Now her only child, Cody is getting married, and she finds herself truly alone.

Jack is everything Evie’s late husband wasn’t.  Max had long-range plans for life, his family, and a good home in a nice neighborhood.  Jack has no long-range plans, and takes things as they come.  He also takes care of everyone, including his alcoholic brother, Travis and sister-in-law, Cheryl.  Additionally, he picks up a big portion of the parenting duties of their daughter, his niece, Lily.  In fact, Jack left a good job and home, to help his brother and family start a new life in Banister Falls.

Fireman Silouette Free UseOver and over, Evie finds herself thrown together with Jack.  From projects at church, to helping with Lily, Evie finds herself quite often being in the run-down apartment building, located in the worst section of town, that Jack calls home.  She doesn’t know what to make of the rag-tag group of people that congregate in Jack’s apartment every night.  A variety of ages, from teens to senior citizens, show up to eat, or for assistance and advice.  Without batting an eye, Jack attempts to help them.  Evie is finding herself more and more often rolling up her own shirt sleeves to lend him a hand.

In the midst of all these new friendships and relationships, Evie’s friends worry about her. Even though she has been a widow for a long time, in all these years, she has never been involved in a relationship.  Their concern reaches new heights when the legal and alcohol problems surrounding Travis and Cheryl result in both of them being put in jail.  Evie’s friends wonder if Jack may have hidden skeleton’s of his own, and she would be better off without him.

This story has a lot of interesting, likable characters, and realistic story-lines.  New Couple Holding Hands Silouette Free Use - Copyromantic relationships can be difficult for adults, especially when trying to juggle complicated responsibilities, pasts, and dysfunctional family members.  Evie and Jack face those issues, along with their determination to stick with their strong Christian beliefs and morals.  This story-line will keep you turning the pages wondering how, or if, things will work out.  The Hearts We Mend is part of a series, but this story stands on its own.  This 5-star book is recommended to anyone who enjoys well-written fiction, with a dash of romance.

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Author’s Website:  http://www.kathrynspringer.com/

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