“Fading Starlight” by Kathryn Cushman

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What Would You Do to Clear Your Name?

Lauren is reeling after what was supposed to be her big break, but instead it turns out to be her worst TV Camera Free Usenightmare.  Working as a intern fashion designer in a prestigious company, the gown she slaved on was to be worn by a popular teen star.  Unfortunately, just as the celebrity walked on stage, the gown seemed to fall apart, momentarily, leaving the girl exposed.  While this happened, the television camera captured it for the entire world to see.  Lauren is mortified for the teenager, and is stunned that a gown she worked so hard on could have had this happen.  As a result, she has lost her job, and been blackballed from working anyplace else in Los Angeles.

Lauren is offered a low paying job miles from Los Angeles that includes free rent.  Since the pay is so low, Lauren needs for the housing to be included to be able to survive.  But the rent free, broken down cottage is in a very unusual neighborhood.   The area has very strict privacy rules.  If the rules aren’t followed to the letter, Lauren could be kicked out.  Wanting to hide from the world, an over-the-top, very private place sounds perfect to Lauren.  Plus, Cottage Free Uselandscaping the neglected yard is therapeutic for her.

In this neighborhood, the most private person of them all, wealthy Charlotte Montgomery, lives right across the street from Lauren.  Elderly now, Charlotte, was involved in a scandal decades earlier, and rarely leaves her home.  She insists all the privacy rules are followed precisely.  Lauren feels God might have placed her there to befriend Charlotte, but all overtures she makes are met with cold hostility.  Charlotte cannot believe that anyone would do anything nice for her without expecting something in return.  But a small part of Lauren isn’t ready to give up on her.

An aggressive reporter, Kendall Joiner, contacts Lauren, and tells her the gown catastropheInterview Microphone & Arm Free Use was staged, and she could get proof that would clear Lauren.  However, Kendall will only do that if Lauren will give her information about Charlotte.  Is Lauren ready to sell out Charlotte, and risk losing her rent-free home by breaking the privacy laws?  Does Kendall really have proof that would clear Lauren, or is this just a ruse to get information about the reclusive Charlotte?

This was an entertaining book, and I really enjoyed the story-line about fashion designing, especially the clothes from a by-gone era.  Refreshingly, Lauren has a strong moral compass, and integrity.  The dilemmas she finds herself in are realistic, and I think it would be easy for readers to relate to Lauren.  The mystery surrounding Charlotte added a nice addition to the tale.  I recommend this 5-star book to anyone who enjoys contemporary fiction.

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