“The Pug List” by Alison Hodgson

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A Family, a Fire and a Pug!

Imagine awakening to your smoke alarm going off.  Imagine, too, that there have been so many malfunctions with your home’s smoke alarm in the past, that it is easy to believe this is just another false alarm.  That is what happened to the Hodgson Family in the wee hours one fateful morning.Fire & Firemen Free Use

When the alarm sounded, Alison and Paul Hodgson did decide to awaken their family, along with a house guest, grab the dog, and leave their home.  But because there had been so many past false alarms, they didn’t grab anything on the way out–other than Alison’s computer, which she picked up as an afterthought.  They really believed they would march outside for a few minutes, only to discover, once again, it was a malfunction, and there was no fire.

Unfortunately, this time, there truly was a fire, and their entire house was soon engulfed in flames.  Alison and her family were left with literally only the night clothes on their backs, along with her computer.  Thinking this was another faulty alarm, most of them hadn’t grabbed shoes, and were barefoot.

Finger Pointing You Did It Free UseIn this true story, the author shares what it is like to suddenly live without a home, or possessions.  She speaks of the generosity of others, but also how difficult it was for them to accept their kindness.  Even though they had complete insurance coverage, getting the money was a long, uphill battle.  Discovering how the fire started was a shock.   They were even more startled when they realized their insurance company wanted to accuse Alison, or Paul, of starting the fire.

The Hodgsons all thank God that no lives were lost.  However, the family members each suffered with post traumatic stress as a result of the fire.  It was especially hard to see their children struggle, or have difficulties.  That is why in the midst of this life changing upheaval, Alison and Paul gave in to the many pleas from their youngest child, Eden, to get a Pug dog.

Finding a Pug turned out to be quite an adventure itself, with lots of ups and downs. Getting Outrageous Oliver, who is a character in his own right, has involved more commitment than they ever dreamed of.  However, he also brought healing to the family, especially Eden, along with lots of laughter.  The bond Oliver and Eden have is endearing, and rare.

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What this family went through in the aftermath of their home burning is eye opening.  Alison captures their resulting thoughts, actions and disappointments.  This is a sweet family, and it is easy to see how what happened to them, could happen to anyone.  As  John Bradford is credited with saying, “but for the grace of God….”  It was also uplifting to read of this family’s faith in the aftermath of such tragedy.  I enjoyed this 5-star book, and recommend it to anyone who likes true stories, or dog tales.

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