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Prayers, Jesus & Rock and Roll

What does a meth addicted, well-known rock band member, and Jesus have in common?  Quite a bit, as will be discovered in this true story of Brian Welch, also known by the stage name, Head.  He was a heavy drug user, often staying high for a week or longer.  Brian was one of the co-founders of the metal rock band, KoRn, along with one of the guitarists in that group.  KoRn made him millions of dollars, but it didn’t bring happiness.  Instead he, along with his wife, spent most of their time using meth, along with other drugs, hoping Brian Welch's Daughter When Young - Copytheir next high would bring them the nirvana they were seeking.

After his wife left them, Brian became a single parent to their young daughter, Jennea. With those new responsibilities, and wanting to be a good dad, Brian brought her on the road with him along with KoRn.  But try as he might, he wasn’t able to break free from his destructive lifestyle.

And then one day, he became radically saved by Jesus, and was instantly able to walk away from all the drugs.  Despite a contract that was soon to pay the band millions of dollars, Brian also walked away from KoRn, giving it all up.  He wanted to devote himself to the care and raising of  Jennea, and the worship of God.  This book is the story of what happened to Brian and Jennea since then.

The relationship between Brian and Jennea really thrived, and Brian’s relationship with God deepened.  Traveling for mission work took the place of being on the road with KoRn. He also started various music endeavors on his own, eventually forming the band, Love and Death.  But there were hard times, too, that included being lied to by a trusted friend.  That led to such a loss of Brian’s money, that he and Jennea were forced to search their furniture for lost coins hoping to find enough to buy food.  They lost their home, and Coins American Free Usebankruptcy loomed ahead of them.

Slowly, his finances straightened out.  Then God surprised Brian by leading him to a reconciliation and restoration with his KoRn band members.  Could Brian return to life on the road with KoRn, avoid drugs, and be a light for Jesus at the same time?  Amazingly, all those things, and more, have taken place.  Brian will be the first to say it is happening because he is where God wants him to be.

But just as that part of Brian’s life starting improving, his relationship with Jennea disintegrated.  Their communication consisted of only heated arguments, and Jennea began to hurt herself, too.  That crisis caused Brian to make the hardest decision of his life: get help for Jennea–but possibly at the cost of their relationship.

Brian Welch & Daughter Jennea Thanksgiving

I am not a fan of heavy rock music, but Brian’s story will grab your attention whether you are a fan of his type of music or not.  It is easy to identify with his pain as a parent when Jennea pulled away from him, and started making bad choices.  Brian’s financial situation, a result of betrayal by a friend, along with his own unwise decisions, is also something that many will relate to.  Through it all, though, Brian never turned away from God.  His faith is strong, genuine and uplifting to read about.  Pick up this 5-star book, and discover the story of a dad who loves both God, and his daughter, with endearing passion.


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