“No Other Will Do” by Karen Witemeyer

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Leave Town or Die?

It is a great idea.  Women who need homes, jobs, or an escape from danger, could come to Western Town Buildings Free Use - CopyHarper’s Station, and make a fresh start.  Emma Chandler has used her entire inheritance to found a women’s colony.  She has been very successful attracting lots of women who want to build a new life there.  Then the threats begin.

A town full of unarmed women, far from the nearest town–whose sheriff is too involved in other problems to help–has made them the perfect target for danger.  A mysterious enemy starts leaving messages demanding the women leave town, or suffer the consequences.  The writer makes it clear that Texas of the late 1890’s is not ready for independent women.  When the threats start including violence, Emma contacts Malachi Shaw, Mal, for help.

Cowboy on Brown Horse Free Use - CopyUnwanted as a boy, Mal had tried to make it on his own, but was about to succumb to hunger and cold, when Emma’s two aunts took him in.  That was more than a decade ago, when Emma was still a child.  A few years later, when he left the only family he had ever known, he promised he would always be there if they needed him.  Emma is now calling in that promise.

Mal and Emma work together to attempt to figure out who is behind this, before someone is hurt or killed.  Certain events and clues seem to indicate their tormentor has inside information about the colony.  Could one of their own women be in league with their enemy? If so, why would someone be willing to do such a thing?  As Mal and Emma try to find those  answers, they also attempt to ignore the growing attraction between the two of them.

This was a thought-provoking story that did a good job keeping the villain’s identity secret. A lot of the characters in this tale were interesting, especially Emma’s two aunts.  I liked that this story was told from a Christian point-of-view.  Those who like western romances with a hint of mystery will enjoy this 5-star book.

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