“What Matters Most” by Kellie Coates Gilbert

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Love or Money?

Imagine working two jobs, and still drowning in debt.  That is where twenty-six year old Bills & Calculator Free UseLeta finds herself.  For years, Leta’s family only consisted of her mother, Sylvia, and herself.  But because they loved each other so much, just having the two of them was enough.  Suddenly Sylvia develops dementia, and a decent care facility costs so much that Leta left school to go to work.

Even working two jobs hasn’t been enough to keep the bills paid.  Without further education, Leta can’t get a better job.  But because she works so many hours, there isn’t any time for her to return to college.  Now the care facility is threatening to kick Sylvia out because her account is so far past due.

Then, everything turns around for Leta.  She is offered a really good job, that pays so well Sylvia’s bill can be paid in full.  Leta also meets Senator Nathan Emerson, a handsome guy, and a physician.  It also appears he is going to run for governor. The two of them click right away, despite Nathan’s long-time girlfriend.

Vote Button Free UseSuddenly, Leta learns that her new job will be working for Nathan’s opponent.  But the most uncomfortable knowledge is the discovery that her company will stop at nothing to make Nathan look bad politically or personally.  Can Leta live with herself knowing her work is hurting the man she has growing feelings for?  If she leaves this position, how will she keep Leta in her care facility?  Will Leta and Nathan have a relationship despite those who want to keep them apart?

Leta’s story is one of intrigue, suspense, and romance.  This story had moral dilemmas that I enjoyed seeing the characters work through.  Nathan’s domineering mother had strong feelings that were turned around a bit easier than would have been expected.  What Matters Most is the fourth installment in the Texas Gold Series, but this tale stands on its own.  I had not read the others, but did not have a problem following this one.  This 5-star book is recommended for those who enjoy romantic, political stories with lots of twists.

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