“Grieving the Loss of a Loved One” by Kathe Wunnenberg

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The Master of the Sea

Grief.  How can it be depicted?  Experts have analyzed it, dividing grief into stages, claiming certain feelings and reactions are predictable–even if the one experiencing it finds it hard to believe anyone else could forecast such a thing.

Some have used Biblical references.  For instance, part of the 23rd Psalm, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death….,” has been used to describe the journey through grief.

Wave Ocean Large Free UseWater and ocean references have also been used in an attempt to explain it.  Such phrases as “drowning in grief,” “throw me a line to get out of my grief,” or “where is my anchor in grief?” have all been used.  Grief has been compared to the waves in the ocean.  And just like the waves at the sea shore, some really big grief waves, with tsunami-type strength, can come along, and try to knock you down.

This book has been written for someone who is experiencing loss, perhaps someone who despairs of happiness ever returning.  Grieving the Loss of a Loved One came out of the pain and loss the author herself experienced.   Her wish is to help others navigate their way through their own difficult time.

This volume is divided into short sections, each Anchor Blue Looks Like Cross Cartoon Free Usedealing with different aspects of grief.  That format makes it easy to thumb through when looking for a particular issue.  There is even space for journaling in each section.  The book itself is very well-made, with a padded cover, along with strong, thick paper.  It can handle being opened and closed often, or even a bit of rough treatment, if it is carried around a lot.  It is a very sturdy volume, and is written from a Christian outlook.

This book doesn’t have all the answers.  Nothing does.  Or at least that is how it can seem during times of grief.  But the author attempts to give the broken-hearted an anchor in their personal storm.  During grief, I have gleaned very little from books that have not been written from a Christian viewpoint.  Without the promises of God, there is very little hope secular books have to suggest.  Books that do not include God during grieving leave me flat, without hope, and–I have found–are a waste of time.

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One will not be a waste of your time.  The author very clearly points to Jesus, and scripture, as the life preserver needed to keep one from drowning during their own storm of grief.  I recommend this 5-star book to anyone experiencing loss. Life Preserver Cartoon Free Use

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