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Life in the Slow Lane?

Life is about to take an interesting turn in the small town of Eden Hill.  Cornelius Gas Station Pump Cartoon Free UseAlexander decides to gamble everything he owns on a get rich quick scheme the Zipco service station company is offering.  When he stumbles into Eden Hill one afternoon, Cornelius decides that is the perfect place to build his station.   It is right across the street from Osgood’s Oil, the only gas station in the small village.  Owned for years by the Osgood family, this new station seems to be taking direct aim at the Osgoods and their only source of income.  Suddenly this peaceful little settlement might become a battlefield between the two businesses and families.  Will this turn into something like the Hatfield and McCoy feud?

Rev. Caudill certainly hopes not.  In fact, he starts asking the entire congregation, including the Alexander and Osgood families, some hard questions.  Most importantly, he talks about neighbors and how they should treat each other.  Just as the man in the Pastor Cartoon Free UseBiblical story wanted to know, the Osgoods question who exactly is their neighbor?  Does that include the “neighbor” who decides to go into direct competition with them, and then attempts to lure long-time customers away?  Will the Alexanders go bankrupt and lose everything?  Or will the Osgoods have to close their station because of the shiny new one across the street?  Can one small town support two of the same type of businesses?

Take a step back in time, and enter into small town life with all its joys–and surprises!  At first glance Eden Hill may seem like a quiet little town without much happening.  But  that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The residents of this little town cope with situations that range from racial prejudice to illegitimate children, along with a gentle sprinkling of humor.  At the same time, God is trying to touch their lives, and make all things work together for good. 

I enjoyed this 5-star book.  The characters were interesting, and each of their stories really drew me in.  Reading this will make you wish Eden Hill really exists. I recommend this book to all fans of well-written fiction.

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  1. Janet Estridge says:

    I truly enjoyed this book. I was halfway through it and was looking for the second one.
    It was a great read!

  2. Becky says:

    So glad you liked it, Janet. I know what you mean about looking for the next book. :>) Have a blessed day!

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