“Young and Beardless: The Search for God, Purpose, and a Meaningful Life” by John Luke Robertson

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A Duck Leaves the Nest!

Can a young man, who is not yet twenty-one years old, write a book that will keep an adult’s interest?  John Luke Robertson can, and the proof of that is evident from the first page of this volume.

Many may be familiar with him, along with his family, who are featured on the television Duck Quackingshow, Duck Dynasty.  But his family’s affluence has not made John Luke materialistic.  Far from it, he strives to live a God honoring life, and he shares a lot of that in this book.  This is a genuinely nice young man who is intelligent, has lots of ideas, and is very energetic.

Faith, commitment and fun are three words that could be used to describe John Luke.  He is serious about his faith, his commitment to Book Young & Beardless John Luke & Wifehis wife, Mary Kate, and he has a fun streak that is a joy to read about.  He has had lots of interesting experiences, and has traveled widely in his young life.  Books have always been important to him, and he is well-read.  In fact, he ends each chapter of Young & Beardless with a book he recommends reading, as well as, questions to make the reader think.

In my opinion, there is nothing more spectacular than listening to someone who is really “turned on” to God.   That is, a person who is passionately living out their life to please the Lord.  That is what John Luke is attempting to do, and what he wrote about in this book.  His outlook on both his faith and life are impressive, even more so because of his age.

I enjoyed learning about this young Book Young & Beardless John Luke Robertsonmember of the Robertson family, as well as, the less well-known part of his family, his mother’s side.  Their history and faith is also inspiring.  John Luke has a really good head on his shoulders, and I wish him all the very best as he continues a life with God at the center.  This 5-star book really lends itself to teenagers and young adults, but older adults will enjoy it as well.

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The Author’s Website:  http://www.youngandbeardlessbook.com

The Author’s Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/237420599953870/

The Author’s Twitter:  https://twitter.com/john316luke923

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