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Watch Your Back!

Daniel Matthews seems to have it all, the owner of highly successful restaurants, lots of material wealth, a mom and niece who love him.  Everything is going well until the night the body of his former employee is found hanging in his restaurant’s basement.  Shortly afterward, on that same night, his other restaurant is set on fire.  Soon it becomes apparent that Daniel himself is the target of whoever is doing these horrible things.  In addition, the target might extend to his niece Riley, too.

Cat & Mouse Play Chess Free ImageSo begins a deadly game of cat and mouse.  Katie Singleton of the Elite Guardians Protection Agency is brought in as a bodyguard for Daniel and Riley.  Despite Katie and her crack team, more attacks take place, and the person behind it all remains a mystery.  While facing life and death situations together, Katie and Daniel begin to learn a lot about each other.  They discover they have a lot in common, and cautiously hope that if they survive, the two of them might spend even more time together.

This fast-moving book will grab your attention from the first page, and keep you wondering who is behind it all.  Daniel faces a variety of attacks which range from bullets, to bombs, and even a backhoe.  Additionally, Daniel’s anger at God because of his brother and sister-in-law’s deaths add a lot of depth and reality to his character.  Riley’s strong faith in spite of her parent’s deaths, along with maturity and spunkiness, make her very likable.  The reader will find themselves hoping Riley will survive all of these attacks unharmed.  Katie has skeletons of her own in her closet.  Many will find common ground with her as she blames herself for her brother’s death.

I really enjoyed this intense story.  This is book two in the Elite Guardians series, but this story stands on its own.  The author does a great job of keeping the reader in suspense as Daniel attempts to find out who is behind all the attacks–before it is too late.  I had a hard time putting it down, and give it 5 plus stars.  Without Warning is highly recommend to anyone who enjoys fast-paced thrillers written from a Christian viewpoint.Target with Dart Free Use

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