“The Domino Effect” by Davis Bunn

book-cover-the-domino-effectA Great Fall…..

What if you know a financial crisis, one that could affect the entire nation, is right on the brink of happening?   Esther Larsen a top-notch, brilliant risk analyst at a large bank, is sure that all the signs in the financial and banking world are pointing that way.   But Esther is an introvert with only one relative, her brother Nathan.  But he has been languishing in a vegetative state at a rehab center since he was in a car accident.  She doesn’t make waves, and without her brother to bounce ideas off of, she doesn’t know what to do with her fears.

Despite Esther being a loner, she has attended some get-money-bag-huge-free-usetogethers with people from her church.  This bunch of people are determined to find out about quiet Esther, and it is because of them that her life changes.  When they start probing about her life, she not only opens up to them, but confides her biggest fear.  She explains she is concerned that a conspiracy is forming with the goal of making billions of dollars, but by doing so, it could cause an economic market crash worse than the one that took place in 2008.

After admitting her fears, her life takes some abrupt turns.  Esther suddenly finds she is in big demand as a speaker before large crowds, as well as, on television.  She discovers herself rubbing shoulders, and being befriended by, a rich and powerful man who catches her vision.  She also finds a man who just might be someone to build a future with–if he can handle the truth when he begs her not to hold back.  Esther also learns her life may be sign-bank-at-own-risk-free-usein danger!  She really identifies with her namesake from the Bible, Queen Esther, who also had to speak out, even if it meant risking her safety.

This is a fast moving thriller with interesting characters.  When reading this, the reader will feel like this is not so much a book of fiction, but a warning about something that could take place in real life.  But I have to admit that the first part of the book was really difficult for me to get into.  Despite the author being a great writer, there were so many technical banking and trading terms, that I found it hard to digest so much information.  After that, the story focused more on the people, and I really got caught up in all the action.   The author is a great story-teller, and I recommend this 5-star book to anyone who enjoys real-life possibilities presented in a fictional wrapper.

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