“Moments with the Savior” By Ken Gire

book-cover-moments-with-the-saviorHow Do You Say Relax?

Although this amazing book is considered a devotional, it is so much more.  It is heavy, both literally and figuratively, because there is a lot packed into its pages.  The beautiful padded cover has strong pages made of premium paper that are easy to turn, the entire book is very well made.  There are sixty-six topics that range from Mary being told by the Angel Gabriel that she would give birth to the Savior, to the subjects of forgiveness, guilt and Jesus’ Ascension.

Each chapter contains three areas.  The first section has the scripture that will be studied.  It is followed by the meditation section which discusses the Bible passage in an interesting, and easy to read way.  The final section is a prayer that applies the scripture and discussion to the reader in today’s world.god-sky-writing-free-use-copy

All of the chapters makes good points about the chosen scripture, and is done in a way that will capture your attention.  Many of the points made about familiar incidents in the Bible were ones I had never considered before.  That made this book very interesting for me, and I think anyone reading it would have the same experience.

Each topic will make you think, and the words will give you peace.  Because this is such a pretty book to look at, with such insight between its pages, it would make a lovely gift.  I highly recommend this five-plus star book to bicycle-with-praise-the-lord-written-on-fender-free-useanyone wanting a closer look at the Bible, or to get new insights into the heart of God.  You will be blessed by it.

Zondervan Publishing has provided bookreadingtic with a complimentary copy of Moments with the Savior, for the purpose of review.   I have not been compensated in any other manner.  All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not required, or influenced, to give anything but an honest appraisal.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

The Author’s Twitter:   https://twitter.com/kengire

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