“The Devoted” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

book-cover-the-devotedIs The Grass Any Greener On The Other Side?

Do you ever daydream about being part of the Amish people, enjoying their close community and strong family ties? That is how Patrick Kelly feels, and he has come to Stoney Ridge to live among them for thirty days.  While there, he wants to learn their language and how to drive a buggy, and be ready to convert at the end of his stay.

Ruthie Stoltzfus thinks Patrick is just one more outsider that wants to try-out the Amish lifestyle, who–like all the others–will quickly run away when he experiences how hard life is without modern conveniences.  She believes being Amish is a life of drudgery and hard work, and can’tamish-horses-pulling-plow-free-use understand why anyone would willingly want to join them.  Seventeen-year- old Ruthie wants to do something significant with her life, and does not think that could happen as a Plain person.

During Patrick’s time in Stoney Ridge, he finds things aren’t quite as perfect as he thought Amish living would be.  At the same time, Ruthie finds that Amish life looks a lot different when viewing it through Patrick’s eyes.  Will the slightly built Patrick find Amish life is too hard for him, and leave before the thirty days are up?  Will Ruthie allow her trouble making suitor to drag her down with his poor choices?  Will Ruthie and Patrick ever become friends, maybe even more than friends?

mynah-bird-mouth-open-free-use-copyThis story will draw you in right away.  The scripture quoting bird, Nyna the Mynah, is hilarious, so are the apprentices at the buggy shop, and Jesse’s tongue-tied fate every time a certain girl is around.   Serious subjects such as an unexplained death, alcohol abuse, and the heartache of a young man suffering from a fatal disease are also included in this tale.  There is even the interesting problem of too much prosperity causing the Amish to be less generous than when they lived in want.  The kindly local Bishop, who is Ruthie’s Dad, shepherds them through it all with lots of prayer, as well as, turning to the Bible for inspiration.

I have read many Amish books, and really enjoy the genre, but The Devoted is by far one of my favorites.  You will have a smile on your face when you finish this heart-warming tale.  Although this is book three in The Bishop’s Family series, this installment stands on its own.  But I bet you will want to read the others, because this one is really that good!  This is a five-plus star book that I highly recommend.  Whether you enjoy Amish themed stories, or just well-written fiction, you will be very happy with this book.


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