“Tangled Webs” by Irene Hannon

book-cover-tangled-websCan The End Really Justify The Means?

Take two people that have each retreated to remote cabins trying to overcome some traumatic events in their past, add in some possible underwater treasure, along with a secret meth lab–and you have a story that is getting more exciting by the minute.

Finn McGregor is a former Army Ranger whose path crosses that of New Yorker Dana Lewis’ when her screams in the night echo throughout the peaceful forest.  His attempt to rescue her is the beginning of a fragile friendship between them.  But both of them carry burdens from their past that might make it impossible to connect in a meaningful way.cabin-in-woods-free-use-copy

Just as Finn and Dana might be making some positive steps in overcoming their problems, some disturbing incidents start taking place.  First, Dana’s deck is vandalized and her canoe is ruined by holes drilled in the bottom.  Shortly afterward, a fire breaks out on her property that is obviously arson.  Finn is also sure that someone has been watching them when they were floating out on the lake.  Who is behind all of this?

Although Chief Burnett has been contacted about all of these things, his investigation never seems to get anywhere.  In fact, he seems to encourage Dana to pack up and leave.  But the Chief has problems of his own.  He is burdened with trying to pay for his wife’s expensive care at an Alzheimer’s home.  He has sold and mortgaged everything he has, and now has thirty days before she will be kicked out.  When he is contacted about the location of items from a robbery decades earlier, will he give in to the temptation to robber-cartoon-free-usekeep it to pay for his wife’s care?

Wayne Phelps is tired of small town life, and has hit on a way to make enough money to finance a new life somewhere else.  But his method of money making isn’t exactly legal, and if he can’t convince Chief Burnett to look the other way, everything will be over for him.  That makes Wayne feel cornered and very dangerous.   And dangerous people can make decisions that can hurt a lot of people.

Will Finn be able to figure out who is behind all the things happening to Dana before she gets hurt?  Will Finn be put in danger himself right after he has begun healing both physically and mentally?  Or will the best thing be for both Finn and Dana to move on as the Chief suggests?

This was an exciting story that had a lot of twists and turns.  I also liked that it was located in a small Missouri town, with lots of interesting characters.  The moral battle the Chief faces was very realistic, and it was easy to identify with his feelings.  It was also easy to understand what it would be like for Dana after all the things that had happened to her.  I really appreciated that many of the characters had a real faith in God, and tried to live their life in a way that honored Him.  Finn’s relationships with his brothers, and the importance of his family was really uplifting.  I recommend this 5-star book to anyone who enjoys fast-paced, suspenseful tales.


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  1. Irene Hannon says:

    Thank you so much for the fabulous review! I’m glad you enjoyed Finn’s story.

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