“A Royal Christmas Wedding” by Rachel Hauck

Will Love Find a Way?

In a country right out of a fairy tale, a star-crossed couple meet for the first time in five years, and a six hundred pound bell rings, seemingly of its own accord.   When Avery Truitt was 17, Prince Colin stole her heart. But just when she thought Colin and her were ready to march down the aisle together, the Prince disappeared from her life.  Suddenly he cut off all communication, and Avery never knew what happened other than having her heart broken.

Now Avery is going with her mom to celebrate Christmas in Brighton, the land where Colin lives.  Despite Avery’s sister, Susanna being married to Brighton’s king, Avery is hoping she will not be attending anything Prince Colin will be a part of.  But circumstances do throw the two of them together, and Avery tries very hard to keep her heart from getting tangled up with Colin again.

Colin has spent the last five years serving in the military and being groomed to someday take over his father’s multi-million dollar business.  He has also tried, but failed, to find someone else who touched his heart like Avery did.  When Colin discovers Avery is in Brighton, he is shocked to find his feelings of love for her immediately return.  But he is also in a relationship with a well-known actress that his parents are pushing for him to marry.

The local television show has being doing a “Colin watch” speculating on many of their shows who Colin will marry.  When the Pembroke Chapel Bell rings, and Colin is in the bell tower, everyone believes he is reviving the tradition that the ringing announces his intention to wed on Christmas Day–but to whom?  Collin claims he did not ring the bell.  In fact, he states that God rang the bell in response to a prayer he had just uttered.  But the talk is that Colin will marry the actress but wants to keep the public in the dark about it.

This is fun story, set in the land of Brighton, a place where Christmas is celebrated like it is part of a story book.  It is easy to find yourself rooting for Colin and Avery to somehow get together, despite roadblocks put in place by the person who broke them up five years earlier.  I got caught up in the story right away.  Even though this is the fourth installment in the Royal Wedding Series, this story stands alone.  I had not read any of the other books, and had no problem following this tale at all.  Anyone who likes Christmas stories or light romance will enjoy this five-star book written from a Christian point of view.

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