“The Missing Matisse: A Memoir” by Pierre H. Matisse

Rubbing Shoulders with Famous Artists, Fighting Nazis, and Finding God

Imagine growing up in France while it is occupied by the Nazis during World War II.  Or perhaps imagine growing up rubbing shoulders with some of the most famous artists of the 20th century such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.  Pierre Matisse experienced both those scenarios, plus a whole lot more, and this is the true story of his fascinating life.

Pierre’s family was artistic on both his mother and father’s sides, and Henri Matisse was his grandfather.  When the war began, Pierre’s affluent father Jean Matisse, known as Papa, took part in a lot of dangerous, underground activities.  Even though Pierre was very young at the war’s outbreak, his Papa began including Pierre in many of the clandestine pursuits.  As the war stretched on, and daily food became scarce, Pierre took on even more hazardous work in order to eat.  He also describes what it was like when the allies arrived in France and started freeing villages, including the one he was living in.

When Pierre was still a child, he received some shocking information.  He was told that Jean Matisse was not actually his father, that his last name was Leroy, and he should use that name from then on. Meeting his grandparents from the Leroy family literally saved his life.  However, Pierre relates the negative effects the name change had on him, and that it continued for decades.

Pierre recounts his journey to know God in a personal way, and how he was ultimately baptized by Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty television fame.  He tells of the surprising friendship that developed between himself and the Robertson family because of his wife’s chance viewing of an episode of the show.

Getting a view of World War II through the eyes of a child growing up during occupied France, who also worked with the resistance, gives the reader a unique picture of that time period.  He and his family lived through, and survived, many perilous incidents–clearly a case of God having His hand on them.  Pierre’s memoir of his interesting life is very easy to read.  The uplifting journey he made to God is both encouraging and heartwarming, as well as, an answer to his wife’s prayers.  I recommend this five-star volume to anyone who likes true life stories, World War II tales, or books written from a Christian perspective.

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