“The Sisters of Sugarcreek” by Cathy Liggett

There They Are—My Friends!

The day the church burned in Sugarcreek, two lives were lost.  That put in motion a chain of events that ultimately caused three very different women to find friendship with each other.

Jessica Holtz has left a job she loves after the unexpected death of her beloved Aunt Rose makes her the owner of Rose’s Knit One Quilt Too Cottage.  This knitting and quilting shop is an icon in the small town of Sugarcreek.  Suddenly finding herself without her aunt who raised her and a small business owner is traumatic enough.  The stress really increases because the business involves a skill that Jessica has never been able to master.  She is really out of her comfort zone.  Jessica is pressuring herself to make this succeed as her livelihood, and to support her son Cole.

The same fire that took the life of Aunt Rose made Lydia Gruber a very young Amish widow.  Her husband Henry perished when trying to fight the fire.  Lydia is left to ponder the mystery of why her husband kept her isolated from the Sugarcreek community along with the Amish families all around them.  Henry never interacted with her much, and showed her very little affection.  Lydia wonders if it was because of some lack she has.  She also questions how she will pay the bills, and support herself.

Liz Cannon is a 50 something, upbeat widow whose best friend was Rose.  She tries to recruit Jessica to take Rose’s place in some secret activities the two of them were involved in.  Lately, the loneliness of being a widow has really caught up with her, despite how busy she keeps herself.  Having Liz’s only child, and her grandchildren, living hundreds of miles from her doesn’t help.  Plus her job as real estate agent has suddenly started fizzling out, causing Liz to have money problems.  Additionally, at her age, might she have an admirer?

The story of these three women, along with their mutual friendship, has a lot of feel good moments, things that will bring a smile to the reader’s face.  But serious topics are also woven into the tale as well.  Each woman has had the unwelcome visitor of grief in their lives as a result of the fire. That incident causes some of them to really question God.  All three are also facing life-changing events that are putting them in uncharted waters. This book also addresses the serious topic of child abuse.

I really enjoyed this book.  It has the right balance of everyday situations, fun and seriousness to make this story seem very realistic.  There is even a bit of romance, but everything is kept clean, and done from a Christian point of view.  It was a real joy to see the friendship that developed between these three.   I recommend this 5-star book to anyone who likes stories about friendship, the Amish, or tales of overcoming difficult situations.

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