“If You Were Me and Lived On Mars” by Carole P. Roman

It’s a Blast!

Want to go live on Mars?  Ever dream of living on another planet when you were young, or know some children who would?  If so, you need this book—even if you haven’t, you still need this book!  Ms. Roman lets youngsters know what it might be like to travel to Mars with their family, and live there for a while.

Although it is conjecture, the author describes what life might be like on the Red Planet.  She does such a good job, you might believe she has been there.  For instance, she talks about what you might look for right away when arriving at a new planet (you would look for something familiar such as where the sun is in the sky).   The reader will also discover which end of the planet would have the longest summer and shortest winter (see page 20).

Children would need to wear special suits, like what astronauts wear, when going outside because the air on Mars is not safe to breathe.  Wearing them would provide protection from the environmental dangers such as radiation along with the severe Martian temperature changes.  There would probably be a lot of children to play with since many families would come to fill the jobs on Mars.  Crops could possibly be grown there—especially potatoes, radishes and peas.


After reading this book, the next time a child looks up at the stars, they will have a good idea of what it would be like if they lived on Mars.  This book is sure to stir grade school aged children’s imaginations, and be a great discussion starter for whether or not they would like to live on a different planet.  Lots of information will be found in the forty-three pages of this book, but it is in a narrative form so it seems more like a story, and less like a science book.   This little volume is also brimming with brightly colored illustrations on every page, and a glossary of terms in the back.


Your entire family might decide interplanetary living is a fun idea.  I recommend this five-star book to anyone who wants to peak a youngster’s interest, and give them some scientific facts at the same time.

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