“The Jesus Club” by Brian Barcelona

Amazing Adventures with God

What if God called you to go back to your high school and tell everyone there about Jesus?  What if He told you that would be the way all the high schools in this land would come to know the Lord?  That is exactly what happened to Brian Barcelona, a former atheist, who had only been a Christian a couple of years.  While attending a youth gathering in 2009, God clearly spoke to him and said:

 “…I want to release a movement that will save the high schools of America.  And I want to use your life to do it.  This movement will take your city.  It will take California.  So goes California, so goes the nation….The movement I am about to release is going to restore prayer in the public schools again.”

Brian didn’t receive clear instruction about how to make that happen, so he spent a lot of time in prayer and fasting, seeking God’s direction.  Still feeling unsure of how to do God’s will, he decided to step out in faith and to approach the high school he had graduated from just a year earlier, Elk Grove High.

The first day he walked into Elk Grove, he still no idea what to do.  But he did remember there was a Jesus Club that met there, and decided that would be the place to start.  He found he had to get approval from the teacher who sponsored the Jesus Club, along with approval from the club’s president Kendall, if he wanted to speak at it.  In the end they said okay, but the teacher gave Brian a sideways look after hearing the big plans he had.

Brian made a twice a week commitment to come speak to the club.  The next week full of excitement for his first meeting, he was disappointed to find the only ones who came were Kendall along with three of her unsaved friends.  But he clearly heard God tell him that day, “Preach!” and he did—even though preaching was not something he had done much of.

  “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin….”  Zechariah 4:10

Although their beginnings were small, that little number quickly turned into hundreds, and then thousands.  Brian found over and over again that most students have never heard the true story of Jesus, and when they do, legions are ready to make the commitment to Him in their lives.  He often makes the point that the harvest is now ready in America’s schools, and anyone willing to let God work through them can do the same thing he has done in their local schools.

I really enjoyed learning how God has worked through Brian.  Thousands of students in both northern California and Los Angeles have become followers of Christ through his ministry.  Inspiring stories of the different ways God brought this about fill this book.  Gang members, atheists, and ordinary kids alike have turned their lives over to Christ after hearing the good news about Him.   The author’s enthusiasm for making this happen in all the high schools in America is exciting, and I highly recommend this easy to read, uplifting 5-star book.

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