“The One True Love of Alice-Ann” by Eva Marie Everson

If You Want a Treat, Read this Book!

Farm girl Alice-Ann has been in love with her older brother’s friend, Mack for a long time.  She has decided she will share her heart with him, and tell him her true feelings the night of her sixteenth birthday.  Unfortunately, on that date, December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor is attacked, and from that moment on, everything changes–and her party is cancelled.  As this event pulls the United States into World War II, Alice-Ann is crushed to find Mack has already enlisted, and will be leaving soon.

Although Mack is stunned to learn of Alice-Ann’s feelings, he suggests they write to each other while he is gone.  She promises him her heart, and to wait for him.  Mack makes no promises.

After two years of writing and Alice-Ann sharing her heart, the letters from Mack stop.  Alice-Ann’s feelings for Mack have grown, yet he hasn’t given her any encouragement.  As the time with no news from Mack lengthens, she remains busy working at the bank, helping at the farm, teaching Sunday School, and reading to Carlton–another friend of her brother’s.

Carlton has returned from the war unable to walk or see.  After his steady girlfriend took one look at him, she broke things off with him.  In the beginning, Alice-Ann spends time with Carlton as a favor to his sister.  But as time goes on, she soon finds herself sharing her thoughts about everything, and he actually listens to her.  No one in her life has ever really cared about her hopes and dreams, and Alice-Ann is enjoying it.

“You can’t choose whom you fall in love with, but you can choose whom you marry.”  Does Alice-Ann understand this advice from her aunt?  Has Mack really died in combat?  If he never returns, will Alice-Ann remain single the rest of her life?  Will Alice-Ann change her opinion of Mack when she discovers how often he let others down, and the number of women he has disappointed?

I really liked this book.  This story immediately captured my interest, and I never wanted to put it down.  It gives an insight in to what it might have been like in a small rural community–the home front–during World War II.  Having been raised by a couple of “greatest generation” parents, I enjoy things set in this era.  However, the characters and the problems they are facing are just as relatable to today’s reader.  Alice-Ann is very likable, along with many other interesting people in this tale.  I highly recommend this 5 plus star book to anyone who enjoys non-offensive fiction written from a Christian viewpoint.  If you only read a few books this year, make this one of them!

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A few questions for the author:

What lessons or truths do you hope readers will take away from The One True Love of Alice-Ann?

That when we take our distresses to God, he not only hears our cries, but he and he alone can wrap us up in his great big arms and show us the right path to take. He alone can ease our pain. You know, he loves us so much . . . he sent his Son to die for us. He won’t let us down now.

How did writing this story influence your perspective on the stateside effects of WWII, and more specifically on women’s roles during the war?

During the writing, I went to see a friend of mine who is in a veterans’ home in South Carolina. As I arrived, a hearse pulled in. After I met my friend in the cafeteria, I learned that one of the veterans living there had passed away. I accompanied my friend to the “graduation” ceremony. I have to tell you . . . since I’d researched the era and I was in the midst of writing the book, I started crying and couldn’t stop! As far as women’s roles, I learned that everyone stepped up to the plate. Everyone. Young. Old. Women. Men. Children. Everyone.

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