“Beyond Justice” by Cara Putman

New Love, Danger and Mystery!

Hayden McCarthy is a young, smart lawyer who currently finds herself in dangerous situations, possibly even life threatening ones.  Hayden works for a law firm in Washington, D. C. and is still proving herself there.  She is assigned a case that doesn’t make sense from the start.  At first, the partner Gerard who insisted she take it, said this would make her career at the law firm, but it would require thinking outside the box.  As time goes on, Gerard withdraws from her, and is antagonistic when she tries to ask him basic questions about the case.  Hayden is sure Gerard is holding back information.  The people involved in the lawsuit don’t want to talk to her, or give her much information either.

At the same time that Hayden is dealing with the intrigue and frustration this lawsuit is bringing, her roommate Emilie introduces Hayden to her cousin Andrew Wesley.   Andrew is the son of a congressman and is currently listed as one of the most eligible bachelors in Washington D. C.  That title alone is enough to turn Hayden off, but Andrew is truly a nice guy.  He works with children, avoids the limelight as much as possible and has a strong faith.  On top of that, Hayden is running into him more and more often as she gets deeper into this strange lawsuit Gerard assigned her.

This fast moving story is full of twists and turns, with lots of suspense.  Hayden wonders if she will keep her job, along with her life, before she gets to the bottom of it.  Things get stranger at her law office, especially after a good friend is obviously set up, and then fired.  Suddenly Gerard passes away, and Hayden wonders if it is related to her case.  As Andrew is thrown together with her more, life becomes increasingly dangerous for them both.  At the same time, Hayden wonders if she has a future with a guy from an affluent “mover and shaker” political family.

I really enjoyed this book.   From the first page, the story sweeps the reader up in an interesting plot, with an outcome that is not obvious.  Beyond Justice is Christian fiction that keeps the tale clean, but does not lose the reader’s interest.  This is book one in the Hidden Justice Series.  I recommend this 5-star book to anyone who enjoys suspense or thriller type stories.

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