“Freedom’s Ring” by Heidi Chiavaroli

Forgive Me?

Annie was running in the Boston Marathon when a terrorist struck setting off a bomb.  Both she and her cheering niece, Grace, were seriously hurt.  Annie was consumed with guilt that Grace’s dreadful injury was her fault, and broke off contact with her niece and sister, Lydia.

Only one good thing came out of that day:  the mystery man who immediately stepped in to give Annie aid, and left his ring in her hand.  Before she blacked out, he told Annie he would see her again, but years passed, and he never re-appeared.  A quirky event brings them back together again.  The ring he–Brad–left with Annie propels the two of them together to search for his family history.  At the same time, Annie seeks forgiveness from Lydia and Grace.

Both Annie and Brad have ghosts haunting them from their past.  Annie has the guilt of deserting her family, compounded with the blame she feels for Grace’s injury.  Brad carries memories of the gruesome horrors he faced during war.  Ultimately, Brad has found a way to peace, but Annie isn’t sure she can do what he has done.

Liberty lives in 1770 Boston right before the American Revolution.  Of all times, Liberty finds herself falling in love with one of the hated British soldiers.  Liberty’s life changes when she is viciously attacked, and she relocates.  Hugh, a kind gentleman and a solid American patriot, begins to court her.  Just as Liberty’s life is about to change in a good way, Hugh is deeply hurt by Liberty.  While the chaos of war is going on, Liberty is consumed with the thought she is a bad person who has let a good man down.

This is the story of real-life difficulties loved ones face when they go through hard times with each other.  The bitter fact is, sometimes only one person wants to continue a relationship.  It is also the story of love lost, and found again, but not always as expected.  The author intertwined Annie and Liberty’s stories in a wonderful way.  Even though they faced completely different obstacles, both women were looking for the same thing.  It was eye-opening to see the Revolutionary War through Liberty’s experiences.

It was lots of fun exploring Boston’s famous places with Annie and Brad as they tried to hunt down his family connections.  In this day of people having their DNA analyzed, hoping to discover their ancestors, this story might actually add some research ideas.  This great book offers the hope that God will be there for you no matter what you have done, or not done.  He will stay beside you even if no one else will.  I strongly recommend this 5-star book to anyone who has ever wanted someone to forgive them, or who enjoys a well-written story.

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