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Well, Howdy Ma’am!Reportor News - Copy

Maggie Hope is doing a television interview–her first, and she is scared spitless.  The subject matter is Tru Monahan, a famous rodeo winner who hates reporters.   So begins the story of a handsome cowboy who meets a beautiful, but klutzy, writer.  And Cowboy Boot and Hatall of this takes place in the charming, small town of Wishing Springs, Texas.

I betcha you can’t…I betcha I can!

Tru and Maggie are thrown together for two months because of a silly bet made during their on air interview.  Because of that bet, Tru has to teach Maggie to ride a horse like a pro–and Maggie is petrified of horses.  If they don’t try to do this, Tru will lose a lucrative sponsorship, and Maggie is told she would no longer have her advice column that is her real, much loved, job.Cowgirl

Not your ordinary romance.

So far, this might sound like just another romance story.  But that would be a wrong assumption.  There is romance in this book, but there is also a whole lot more.  The characters have real depth, and serious issues in the storyline include child neglect, teenage runaways, unwed mothers, male sterility, and Alzheimer’s disease–along with its affect on families.

How about a good laugh?

The author does a great job of breaking up the serious subjects with fun, humor and zanyCowboy on Horse characters and circumstances that pepper the pages of this delightful tale.  This is book one in A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance Series, and I look forward to the rest of them.

Will Tru and Maggie decide it is too hard to work with each Date Sillyother, and give up, despite what they will each lose?  Can Maggie find out who the blackmailer is?  And will the wacky townspeople be able to help kindle a romance between Tru and Maggie, or drive them further apart?  What will become of the runaway, and the baby she is soon to give birth to?  Find out all this and more in the pages of Betting on Hope.

This five-star book will leave a smile on your face, and a warm spot in your heart.  It will do all that without offensive language or adult situations, and is written from a Christian point of view.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story.Cowboy Bandana

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