“The Raven” by Mike Nappa

book-cover-the-ravebQuoth the Raven….

The Raven makes a deadly decision the day he decides to blackmail a local politician with information he has learned from picking pockets.  His actions set into motion his involvement with some of the most dangerous people in Atlanta. The Raven is a hustler, a young man in his early twenties, who supports himself by picking the pockets of his audience while he performs street magic.

The target of his blackmail has many ties to gangs, the underworld and the Ukrainian Mafia.  Instead of getting money, Raven gets three men determined to do him lots of harm.  Trudi Coffey breaks up his first meeting with the thugs, and it is love at first sight for Raven when she rescues him.

Private investigator Trudi is more interested in her case than Raven.  She and her former magician-free-usehusband, Samuel Hill, now a policeman, are trying to solve a complicated investigation. They have uncovered a secret plot called Nevermore.  Their work is really cut out for them with the many references to Edgar Allen Poe that keep popping up.  An arrested gang member offered a small amount of information when trying to make a deal.  But he didn’t offer anything concrete.

Things are fast spinning out of control for The Raven when he comes under the protection of an elderly woman, known as Mama Bliss, who has lots of secrets of her own.  Despite her advanced age, she has lots of power with people who count.  Just when life looks like it has calmed down for Raven, things really start to explode, possibly literally.

raven-silhouette-free-useBecause of his name, is The Raven part of the Nevermore plot?  Will The Raven do the right thing, or get away when he has the chance?  Can Trudi and Sam ever put the past behind them, or will Trudi give the smitten Raven a chance?

This fast moving thriller has lots of memorable characters, that are believable.  Mama Bliss and The Raven have complicated stories, and the author gives great insight into what makes them tick.  This is the second installment in the Coffey & Hill Series, and the story stands on it’s own.  The author does a good job catching the reader up on former story lines.

Once this volume is picked up, it is hard to put down.  The story draws you in, and you are off on a wild ride to find out the secret of Nevermore.  The punishment the thugs dish out to The Raven, is harsh, however, it is not an unexpected result from involvement with such dangerous people.  The surprise character that attempts to help Trudi in the hotel is both fun, and faith supporting!  This highly talented author will leave you saying, “Wow!”  I recommend this five plus star book to anyone who likes exciting, well-written thrillers.

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The Author’s Website:  http://www.nappaland.com/Literary/default.html

The Author’s Pop Culture Magazine:   http://nappaland.wixsite.com/popfam/about

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