“The Captain Takes a Wife” by Doris Durbin

A Train Ride to Matrimony?

Captain Harry Richardson had no idea when he entered the train station his life was about to make a big change.  Up until that moment, he was concentrating on the new position for a pastor his aunt had told him about.  Fresh out of school, he was catching the train to try out for that opening.  But before he could board the train, a beautiful young woman rushes to him and asks him to kiss her like he was her fiancée.  Happy to oblige, Harry’s life would never be the same after that kiss.

The girl, Sarah Franklin, begs him to help her, saying she is being pursued by men intent on forcing her into an arranged marriage.  Instead of things calming down after the train leaves, life becomes more dangerous for Sarah.  So begins a story with lots of action and danger along with many twists and turns.  There seems to be an unlimited number of dangerous people pursuing Sarah, along with the growing mystery of why they don’t stop.  Harry immediately wants to do all he can to help.  He even considers marrying her despite knowing her less than 24 hours.

Danger pursues Sarah and Harry throughout the train ride.  It continues afterward when they attempt to make their way by wagon to the church needing a new pastor.  Friends try to help them, as well as new friends they meet along the way.  Unfortunately, some of the people they meet are only posing as friendly people, when in fact, they have ulterior motives.

This is an interesting story that has a lot going for it, along with grabbing your attention from the very beginning and not letting go.  The time period is about ten years after the end of the Civil War and it takes place in the South.  There are lots of interesting minor characters that will keep you on your toes with all of their side stories.  The author’s talent for writing really shines through.

Make sure to check out the section in the back because the author has included a very nice surprise! You will find authentic, old family recipes from the story’s time period that will surely entice many to try them out—I would certainly like to.  They include such intriguing things as:  Tea Cakes, Leather Britches Beans, and Dried Apple Stack Cake.  There is even a pattern for the shawl that Sarah is knitting in the story.

I heartily agree with Amazon reviewer WFM, who said of this tale, “I didn’t appreciate the TMI moments throughout the book.”   On the other hand, I really did appreciate how well the author incorporated faith in this story.  Fans of historical fiction will really enjoy this book!

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The Author’s Information:  http://www.dorisdurbin.com/About_the_Author.html

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