“If You Were Me and Lived in….Scotland” by Carole P. Roman

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Hello Wee Lads and Lasses!

What is the best way to teach a child about another country?  Tell that little person how Bagpipes Cartoon Free Usechildren live in a different part of the world!  That is exactly what the author does in this book.  In this case, the country is Scotland, and lots of interesting things can be learned in this volume–all through the eyes of a child.

For instance, mother and father are called Mathair and Dadadh, respectively.  Boys in Scotland might be named Ian, Connor or Malcolm.  Popular girl’s names are Aillen, Kelsey and Margaret.  Girls in general can be referred to as a lass.

What’s for dinner?

When children sit down to eat in Scotland, they might dine on cullen shink which is a soup featuring haddok fish along with potatoes and onions. Oats are a popular food that is often eaten as a breakfast item, or as an ingredient in many dishes.   On very special occasions, the Scottish children might be served haggis.  That is a sheep’s stomach that is stuffed with spices, oats, meat, onions and cooked.  Favorite desserts include the Scottish tablet, a fudge-like candy, and the clootie dumpling, a pudding with raisins, sugar, milk and syrup.

Loch Ness Monster Free UseLots of other information fills these pages.  For instance, children might be surprised to find out what the official animal of Scotland is.  They will also learn what kind of money they will need to buy something while visiting.  Little ones might be amazed to discover the type of clothing Scottish men sometimes wear.  Places that a child might be interested in seeing include The Highland Games, and Loch Ness.  There is even some information about the infamous Nessie who is said to live in its depths.

This twenty-five page book includes a picture for every page of text.  There are an additional four pages in the back of Scottish words along with their pronunciations.  If You Were Me and Lived in….Scotland is geared towards three to eight-year-olds.  While children may think of it as a story book, especially with all the colorful pages and pictures, they will actually be learning.  Reading it will be like taking an armchair tour of the land of bagpipes, kilts and golf!  It would be especially fun to read this to a child, so you could both enjoy it, and talk about it together.  I recommend this 5-star book to anyone wanting an easy to understand book about Scotland, written on a child’s level.Scottish Sword Dance Free Use - Copy - Copy

I want to thank the author for providing a complimentary copy of this book to bookreadingtic for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not required, or influenced, to give anything but an honest appraisal.

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